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See Glimpse logs

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+P and select Developer: Show Logs...
  2. Select Glimpse.

SPC SPC doesn't work as expected on Mac OS

When pressing SPC SPC quickly on macOS, sometimes Glimpse doesn't recognize it.

This problem is due to a keyboard setting on macOS that adds a period with double space.

Open "System Settings" -> "Keyboard" -> "Input Sources" -> "Edit..."

Input Source settings

Disable the "Add period with double-space" option.

Setting to disable

If you don't use this feature, disabling it should fix this issue. Otherwise, add . to open the glimpse menu in your configuration:

module.exports = function editConfig(menu) {
name: "Commands",
key: ".",
icon: "rocket",
command: "workbench.action.showCommands",

return menu;

Unresponsive menu activation

If you press <spc> on an editor and the glimpse menu doesn't appear immediately, you might have one of the following problems.

Conflicting vim binding

If in your settings.json file you have a vim binding that starts with <spc>, vim will wait for the second input when <spc> is pressed. Example:

"vim.normalModeKeyBindingsNonRecursive": [
"before": [" ", "d"],
"after": ["d", "d"]
"before": ["<space>"],
"commands": [""]

In order to solve it, remove the conflicting Vim bindings from your settings.json.

Virtual Machine or slow hardware

If you are working on limiting resources consider using VSCode remote

Other conflicts

Try to remove all the extensions except glimpse, and clean your settings.json and keybindings.json files to spot some weird conflicts.